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Toni Lodge: One Trick Toni/

Toni Lodge: One Trick Toni/

  • August 12, 2020

Toni Lodge joins for Hump Day Replay! We chat about her new podcast One Trick Toni, her boyfriend’s massive water bottle, learning another language, fun Australian facts, and we do some improv!

On this episode of Hump Day Replay:

  • Toni’s new podcast One Trick Toni
  • Toni’s boyfriend’s huge water bottle
  • Recording One Trick Toni
  • Josh’s 2L water bottle (EP 814)
  • Chores between partners
  • Trivia Game: One Trick Toni
  • The Australian English Podcast (EP 816)
  • Learning another language
  • Fun Australian Facts
  • Improv

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