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Paris Humphrey & Nan/

Paris Humphrey & Nan/

  • July 14, 2020

Paris Humphrey joins us for Hump Day Replay! We chat about our failed Spotify prank on Josh, producing Epic Tales for Jase & PJ, Paris goes head to head with Nan on a Toowoomba quiz and we do a live Tarot Card reading!

On this episode of Hump Day Replay:

– Earwax
– Mario Kart
– Jase Hawkins inviting us to golf (Episode 770)
– Flaky Jase
– Spotify Prank fail (Episode 786)
– How the phone call would have gone if Josh answered (Featuring Rhys Mitchell)
– Paris on Fat Fridays (Episode 615)
– Being vegetarian
– What keeps Paris up at night?
– Producing Epic Tales
– Ideas for Episode 800
– Toowoomba quiz with Nan
– How to get free food for Fat Fridays
– Pitching content ideas
– Paris’s Tarot Card experience
– Jess’s Tarot Card experience (Episode 784)
– A live Tarot Card reading
– Grace & Mr. 97 update

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