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Leon Sjogren, The Mail Drop Prank & DJ Precious/

Leon Sjogren, The Mail Drop Prank & DJ Precious/

  • July 21, 2020

Leon Sjogren joins us for Hump Day Replay! We chat about his Tweets, our mail drop prank on Josh, getting $800 worth of free food for episode 800 and a possible DJ Precious & DJ Shergz live set!

On this episode of Hump Day Replay:

– Shergz Tweets
– Betting on reality TV
– Art Direction in Politics
– Eurovision (Ep 779 / Ep 782)
– Mail Drop prank on Josh (Ep 794)
– GB getting too big for his boots
– Tommy making a play for GB’s sound booth (Ep 789)
– Office politics at the radio station
– SCA’s creative naming of rooms
– Leon finding Batman in Melbourne
– GB hunting for CJ Hendry’s art
– Getting $800 worth of food (Ep 793)
– Christmas in July
– Getting 93 celebrities on Dan & Maz
– 24 Hour show
– DJ Precious
– DJ Shergz and his go-to songs
– Outside broadcast from Leon’s rooftop (Ep 304)
– DJ Precious & DJ Shergz live set

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