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Getting Meta With Scooter Derek/

Getting Meta With Scooter Derek/

  • July 14, 2020

It’s Hump Day Replay, the show about the show! Scooter Derek joins us this week and we chat about producing Pete Helliar’s podcast, Tommy’s Facebook debacle, what we get from The Daily Talk Show, and the 24 Hour Live Stream!On this episode of Hump Day Replay:

– Producing Peter Helliar’s podcast “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”
– Happy Birthday Jess & Scooter (Episode 775)
– Kanye West running for President (Episode 782)
– Texting with Siri
– Nicknames
– Scooter Derek claiming responsibility for HDR
– JJ’s blowup over the seating situation (Episode 776)
– Censorship
– Toni Lodge (Episode 780)
– Tommy’s Facebook & Instagram
– Poo Crimes
– Scooter’s videos
– What do you get from The Daily Talk Show?
– Publishing podcast numbers & getting in the charts
– 24 Hour Commitment Crew
– 24 Hour merch run (Episode 701)
– Presenting Scooter with some TDTS merch

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