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3D-Dyl And The Squeegee Keyring/

3D-Dyl And The Squeegee Keyring/

  • September 16, 2020

3D-Dyl was an Industrial Design Student from Canada who interned at The Daily Talk Show in 2019. He stayed for four months, appeared on about 100 episodes, wrote a book and designed The Daily Talk Show branding. In this episode we chat about the squeegee keyring he designed, famous memorabilia, Dyl’s podcast and what we love about Josh.

On this episode of Hump Day Replay:

  • The Squeegee Keyring
  • Dyl’s job as an Industrial Designer
  • Jess’ internship
  • Grace’s internship
  • Memorabilia (Ep 253 / Ep 421 / Ep 456 / Ep 846)
  • Jess’ piece of memorabilia
  • Game: Famous Memorabilia, Trash or Treasure?
  • Something to look forward to (Ep 845)
  • Screenplay Sunday (Ep 848 / Ep 851)
  • Dyl’s Book “I’m Still Figuring It Out” (Ep 380)
  • Dyl’s podcast The Process
  • Scooter Derek’s birthday surprise (Ep 852)
  • Josh appreciation

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